Background Info

Design & Engineering of the 1979-85 Eldorados
       Is an '85 better than a '79? You be the judge....

The 1982-1985 Eldorado Touring Coupe
1982-85 Eldorado Touring Coupe

The Spotters Guide (Detailed)   

Interior / Exterior Changes by Year

Speedometer / IP Changes by Year

Spotter's Guide

Engine Swapping

     Swapping in an Olds engine in place of a 4100?
     What you need and how to pull it off.

Engine Swap Guide: Parts Sourcing, HT4100 Removal, Tips & Tricks

Electrical Swap Guide
           (Cruise, TCC, Wiring Diagrams, Warning Lights...)


Factory Option Info & Specifications:

Sound System Options by Year 1979-85

Factory & Dealer Installed Equipment,
           Specifications, Window Stickers



Technical Information:
Onboard Diagnostics for 1980-1985 Cadillacs:

How to access and interpret trouble codes & live engine data
on DEFI & 4100 systems.


The E/K Display

Make your Fuel Data display useful after an engine swap.

A stock-looking solution that provides engine data in place of your defunct 'Fuel Data'
display. Plus it controls torque converter lockup and alerts you to 'out of bounds'
conditions. Works on V6, Diesel, and '79 Eldos, too.


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