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Many years ago, in the time of Blueberry iMacs and Geocities pages, I ran an E-body website serving up a potpourri of 2nd and 3rd gen Eldo and Allanté pics and info. Now that I think about it, it started as a way to capture my high school restoration project- a '76 Eldo coupe with EFI. At the time, I daily-drove an '85 Biarritz, and later added an '85 ETC to the mix. Documenting the conversion of that car to an EFI Olds 403 proved to be one of my most popular links. Then life got busy and priorities shifted. MySpace came and went. The rise and fall of Yahoo Groups wiped out the original mailing lists. Homespun pages vanished, and for me, serious Cad projects would have to wait. 20 years later, here we are with a reprise.

1985 ETC #1 with a very hard to find interior

Bringing home the Allanté from CA

Highschool circa 1999. Freshly pulled EFI 500.

So welcome to Eldocountry 2.0. Chock full of interesting '79-85 Eldo information not found anywhere else. All with a dash of 2000-era HTML put forth in the year 2022.

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