Background Info

  • A Brief History of the FWD E-Body
           A summary of the evolution of the E-Body from 1966 to 1985.
            Includes tech features as well as GM Engineering Journal links.

Design & Engineering of the 1979-85 Eldorados
       A deep-dive into running changes from the crude '79 model to
        to the polished '85's. Features new options, a look at the V864
        system and even a dealer video.

The 1982-1985 Eldorado Touring Coupe
  • More than a dress-up package
           What started as a sports-handling package in '81 evolved into
            the '82-'85 Touring Coupe. Suspension upgrades, alloy wheel
            offerings and interior/exterior color options are explored.

1982-85 Eldorado Touring Coupe

The Spotters Guide

Interior & Exterior Changes by Year
       A very detailed look at interior and exterior styling by year.
        Includes optional equipment, ASC convertibles, etc.

Speedometer & Instrument Panel Changes
       For the instrumentation geek, a review of the many instrument
        panel variations, including speedometer updates, changes in
       warning lights, evolution of the MPG Sentinel, etc.

Spotter's Guide

Engine Swapping

                  Swapping in an Olds engine in place of a 4100?
                  What you need and how to pull it off.

Engine Swap Guide
       Engine removal, compatible parts, donor cars, tips & tricks...

Electrical Swap Guide
       Everything you need for a functional climate control, TCC
        lockup, cruise control, warning lights, etc.


Factory Option Info & Specifications

Sound System Options
       A deep-dive on Delco's stereo options by year, including
        CB, cassette and 8-track. Plus a look at their '77 digital unit.

Options & Specifications
       VIN Decoder, RPO Codes, Final Drive Ratios, Available Equipment.

TSB's (Technical Service Bulletins)
       The future home of '79-'85 TSB's.

Technical Information
Onboard Diagnostics for 1980-1985 Cadillacs


The E/K Display

A stock-looking solution that provides engine data in place of your
defunct 'Fuel Data' display. Plus it controls torque converter lockup
and alerts you to 'out of bounds' conditions.
     -Works on V6, Diesel, and '79 Eldos, too.


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